New Car Preparation

The economics of mass production simply do not allow for perfection, which is where we step in. Your new car will have travelled across the world in most cases and been exposed to all manner of conditions. In addition to safely removing all traces of its journey (even at a microscopic level), we will comprehensively protect the vehicle with a range of dedicated products to preserve its condition.



Our Basic New Car Preparation will present your vehicle in flawless condition whilst protecting the most sensitive exterior surfaces. All painted bodywork will be machine polished to safely remove any blemishes and prepare the surface before two layers of our flagship paint protection system are applied. The outer faces of the wheels and exhaust tips will receive a single layer of heat-resistant ceramic coating to protect against corrosive metallic particles and aid future cleaning. All interior surfaces will be cleaned and sanitised, and can be protected at additional cost.

This service requires a minimum of two days work with a price guide of $1400-1800*.




Our Signature New Car Preparation is akin to a ‘premium paint’ option from the factory. Over the course of several days we will refine the paintwork to achieve the ultimate finish. By reducing distortion in the clear coat, clarity of reflection is greatly improved and contours are brought to life by the additional depth of shine. Metallic flake will also become more pronounced thanks to the enhanced clarity of the clear coat. Once the paint has reached its pinnacle, we will apply multiple layers of our flagship paint protection system to create a durable barrier against deterioration. The wheels will be safely removed and prepared along with the brake callipers and exhaust tips in order to receive multiple layers of heat-resistant ceramic coating. All plastics including light lenses will be protected and all exterior glass will receive a hydrophobic coating to improve visibility in wet weather. Finally, to complete the treatment, the interior will be comprehensively protected to mitigate wear and reduce ongoing maintenance.

This service requires a minimum of four days work with a price guide of $2800-3400*.






*The price guide represents a typical range and is subject to variability. Please contact us for a more accurate estimate based on your vehicles characteristics.