Paint Refinishing

At the heart of our services lies our signature paint refinishing process. Whilst many detailers stop at removing the visible scratches, we look deeper into the paint and critically appraise the distinctness of image (DOI), haze and reflected image quality (RIQ) in order to ascertain how to safely achieve the best possible finish. Ultimately this leads to the difference between simply having shiny paintwork, and having a deep, lustrous finish that befits a prestige vehicle. Our specialist tooling allows us to effectively refinish every last inch of paintwork for true and consistent results which are verified under high intensity lighting. Where possible, we use the least intrusive methods to obtain the desired result in order to minimise reduction in paint thickness, which is monitored throughout the process using ultrasound gauges.

Refinishing of weathered paintwork can take anywhere from three to in excess of seven days, as such the cost of this service varies significantly. Please contact us for a price estimate or make an appointment for a vehicle appraisal and quotation.